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Whats on your turntable tonight?
I was listening to Donald Fagen The Night Fly on a 45 RPM LP Master Recording.  It's like having him preforming in the room.   
Power conditioning. Equi-Core
Ordered one from Wally.  He said they're selling the 2400's at the 1800 prices at the moment because they're out of 1800 stock.   
Power conditioning. Equi-Core
I am looking at the 2400 which they're offering on sale at $1678.00 (normal list is $2799). I read in another post that they did a good job of keeping noise low from electrical current.  I'm using an old Panamax now that wasn't expensive and is no... 
BAT VK-76SE tube amp - Balanced Audio Technology
I've now been through two BAT56's (tried one, then tried a second with the two amps wired mono-block).  Then tried a BAT 76SE.  Sound was great on all of them, but they all shut down after being played for about 90 minutes.  All were NOS at a loca...