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Driving YG Carmel's
Manley Audio setup- Steelhead, 300b preamp and 250 neo classic amplifiers.Within its limitations, it doesn't get any better. 
For Basis TT owners does the VPI SDS work?
The next question for those who have used an external speed controller is - how much better is the sound? Is the frequency extension better? More silent backgrounds? Less Wow and flutter?? Is it worth the extra thousand(s).PK 
Shindo and Coincident
Yea, it seems the Franks are the obvious way to go. You can't audition any of these amps, even here in Chicago. Just wanted to get some informed thoughts before I pull the trigger (yet again). I dream of achieving audio nirvana this time so I don'... 
Shindo and Coincident
I agree with Aronsss, this thread is about gear synergy not a certain distributors reputation. Let us assume I will purchase new from a dealer. Has anyone head coincident speakers with those beautiful Shindo amps? 
Shindo and Coincident
So far I have nods for Canary, Wavelength, and Wyetech labs. Still no word on Shindo, Art Audio or the Frankensteins. This should be a very instructive thread for me and anyone vested in the Coincident TE2 and SET amps. Please keep your thought co... 
Review: Von Schweikert Audio VR-5 HSE Speaker
I concur with the above observations. It is interesting that the more expensive Von Schweikert's do not get the review coverage from the major publications. I have lived with my VR5HSE's for over 3 years and have challenged myself to upgrade if I ... 
Bel Canto PL-1 and upcoming PL-1A
I have the Bel Canto player (with Faroudja processing) and bought it for state of the art DVD-V and multichannel music. For curiosity, I compared to my reference Musical Fidelity NuVista 3D for redbook playback. I had to buy a Sony DV999ES for vid...