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Eliminated my preamp with amazing results
I had the opposite results when adding a preamp between my DAC and amplifier. Adding the preamp greatly improved the dynamics and the imaging. I have an older Audio Alchemy DDE v3.0 DAC and a Acoustat TNT120 amplifier with Kef Uni-Q’s. I put in a ... 
Amplifier and Speaker A/B switcher
The Niles SPK-1 is speaker level only AB amp or AB Speaker switch. Voltage activated. Niles SPK-1, Speaker Level A/B Switcher SPK1, 12V switched VG Condition! | eBay  
Requesting Technical Assistance
Fisher MC-4022 Audio Component System Service Manual Vintage OEM Repair Diagrams | eBay  
Could we get a group of all IRS Beta owners?
I managed the High End department of an AV store in the late 80's. Connected a pair of Beta's to two Cello Performance Amps, a Performance Preamp and a Pallette. Stunning!  
Ray Charles - "Rap is not music"
@tylermunns Ok, so I guess you found the road from rap to music that Jerry couldn't. Fair enough...  
Ray Charles - "Rap is not music"
@simao Ok, but I certainly find it difficult to imagine that Jerry had an intellectual blindness to any genre of music.  
Ray Charles - "Rap is not music"
@simao Seems over the years the many critics have been proven wrong. BTW...your ageism is showing.  
Ray Charles - "Rap is not music"
Sensitivity 86 v 90
How Is Speaker Sensitivity Measured? A speaker is mounted in a baffle, in a 2π anechoic environment. A measurement microphone (i.e. a calibrated sound level meter) is placed at a distance of 1m away from the centre of the speaker. 1 watt of p... 
What are you streaming tonight?