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ELP Laser Turntable output RCA or XLR option
Have owned one for several years. Recently purchased an Audio Desk record cleaner. It took the enjoyment of the Elp to a new level. 
McAlister Audio
Let me tell you a short story about Peter McAlister. In early June, 2011 I contacted Peter about purchasing a pair of his OTL-195 amplifiers. We agreed upon a price, and about 3 weeks later I received them. Immediately it was apparent they both ha... 
Ayon Triton the best tubes amp in the market?
My comments above, dated 12/10/11, should have been listed under McAlister amplifiers, not Ayon Triton! 
Ayon Triton the best tubes amp in the market?
Am on my second pair. First pair distorted out of the box; second pair received about 3 months later, and power supplies hum so badly, I cannot stand to listen to them.McALister promised replacement power supplies "immediately", but it's been 12 w... 
Hi-Fi Tuning Fuses in DVD, LD, and VCR's
I bought two exact replacement ones for my tube amp. Within 1 week both had blown. So much for that idea! 
Amplifier HUM
Roscoeiii- I have continued to experiment. Yes, I still have annoying hum with/without any source plugged in. I've also discovered that my APL NWO 4.0 SE player is contributing hum. Further, I have discovered that if I plug the player and amps int... 
Amplifier HUM
I just checked the outputs with a digital meter. At the 200m setting the reading is anywhere from 00.0 to 00.3. It keeps fluctuating. At the 2 volt setting it is 0.00. 
Amplifier HUM
I have contacted Brian at AudioNote. He is supposed to send me a new transformer to try, but I have been waiting since April 19th. In his defense he did send me a new transformer about four months ago, but I did not install it immediately, and he ... 
Amplifier HUM
The answer to Veridian's question is that there is both mechanical noise, and an amplified hum through the speakers. It does not change with volume. 
help, magnepan tonearm ,does anybody know.
Don't use a Magnapan arm, or any other unipivoit on an Oracle TT. The suspension of the Oracle and the one point suspension of a unipivoit will be traveling in two differnt directions. 
Digital crossovers?
Behringer is around $400. Yes, it is available. Clarity is around $3,000. Have not heard. Only two I know of. I own Behringer. Have owned several electronic xovers over many years. This is the best one I've ever heard - VERY transparent. Don't kno... 
OK folks, what the best pre for under 10,000?
Tact 2.2X 
Anyone ever have claims for damage with UPS?
A couple of months ago I shipped a heavy tube amp about 150 miles. I thought I had sufficiently protected it with bubble wrap and popcorn. They tell me when it arrived it looked like someone had thrown it off a tall building. All of the tubes had ...