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External HD VS Flash Drive Sound Quality Question
I have an SSD with USB power and also an ESATA hard disk with battery power. I use them on Oppo-95 with Mod-Wright tube analog stage.The hard disk provide a better sense of dynamic while the SSD sounds a little bit dark and subdue.But I prefer SAC... 
Connecting a SB Touch into Oppo BDP-95?
Yes, you can brouse the esata harddisk contents from the TV output.But 2 issues might be of concerned:1) You need to update to the latest firmware version. With the original firmware, it will take more that a minute to detect the esata drive.2) Ev... 
Connecting a SB Touch into Oppo BDP-95?
I have tried both USB and e-sata in the Oppo-95. I found the sound of e-sata more to my liking. 
Musical Fidelity - M1DAC - 192 KHz input problem?
I have the same cut of music in SACD, 24/88 and 24/192 format. SACD is played in DSD mode. The 24/88 is played at 96khz sampling rate while the 24/192 is played at 192khz sampling rate. At the end, the 24/88 wins. Upsampling 24/88 to 24/192 degrad... 
Musical Fidelity - M1DAC - 192 KHz input problem?
This might be an interesting read for you:http://www.soundstage.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=126:96khz-vs-192khz&catid=57:reader-feedback&Itemid=24I have an Oppo 95 that can switch between 192khz and 96khz durin... 
SME3009 Series II - how good or bad?
Cft, I have an LP12 of the same era and thinking about upgrading to the Origin Live motor kit. Did you get a dramatic improvement of sound quality after the upgrade?I am considering the Origin Live tonearm also. 
Help with Shanling SCD-T200 please
Dlstephenson - I got the level 1 mod plus superclock 3 also. You should try the reversable mods I mentioned above, you will be glad. 
Help with Shanling SCD-T200 please
Open the bottom plate, remove the cable plug that lead from the DAC board to the tube board, you will experience a major upgrade of the sound. From the solid state output only, of course. This tweak is reversable, so you will not loose anything by... 
Tube amp to match sensitive Living Voice Speakers
I am using the Living Voice OBX-R2 in a basement of 12'x 30' with a Welborne Labs 300B DRD driving the speakers thru Chimera Labs 26 AWG single run solid core copper wire. My diet of music is exclusively classical music, mainly opera and symphony....