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ARC Ref 6 VS. Vac Renaissance MK V
Mulveling, in terms of sound on the Ref 6: how did it compare with the VAC equipment you’ve listened to? Particularly the line stage? Thanks for your input.  
DeVore Silverbacks
Aesthetix was just as good as the monbrison that I was looking at, IMO. Shindo is great but there are other brands out there that are just as good. The aesthetix maybe didn't have as much soul as the shindo but the detail was better without being ... 
DeVore Silverbacks
Maineiac, the bass on the VAC is awesome. Better than the corton charlemagne monos I tried out, IMO. Think your suggested pairing could be pretty good. 
DeVore Silverbacks
I wanted to post a follow up to this thread. I just recently, after much time spent listening to shindo gear, purchased a vac phi 200 amp and an Aesthetix calypso signature preamp. To be honest, I loved the shindo gear but to get the truly ridicul... 
DeVore Silverbacks
I have McIntosh gear (mc252 and c2300). Heard them in NYC at Stereo Exchange and was impressed. Have heard they love shindo equipment but can't come up with a good excuse to switch; however, if I did would the Montrachet be the amp you'd recommend... 
Ayre QB9 / Apple TV
Thanks. That's what I thought. Much appreciated. 
CD Player Debate
Any thoughts on which would pair better with a McIntosh C2300 preamp and MC252 amp? If neither, any other suggestions?