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What's your favorite lyric from a song?
When I was twenty one it was a very good year for city girls who lived up the stair with all that perfumed hair and it came undone when I was twenty one. Frank -"It Was A Very Good Year" 
What Was Thrown Off the Tallahatchie Bridge?
I remember when the song and movie came out and everyone thought it was either a ring or a baby, Bobbie Gentry never would say either way. As far as the Carly Simon song, I always thought it was Warren Beatty too. Kind of a sarcastic post Mr. Burke. 
SACD - Dying already?
Robm321, if you read the post closely I said in some cases that SACD sounds better than vinyl. As you are aware there are many poor pressings of vinyl and some exceptional recorded SACDs. I have a large collection of vinyl, well over 8000 lps and ... 
SACD - Dying already?
I was on the fence about SACD untill I found myself owning about 50 hybrid discs. I purchased a modest priced player(3K, talking Audiophile now)and was quite impressed with the format. To my ears there is simply no question that SACD is a better s... 
would you bother?
I guess I would fall into the old geezers group too. After 40 years of playing and collecting vinyl I would be hard pressed to start over again. If I were starting out today I would look at SACD over vinyl. It has been my experience that good SACD... 
I auditioned SACD today
After reading the first posting and others it made me think that maybe the new hi-rez formats maybe in trouble. The poster is obviously a music lover with an exceptional collection. If he is reluctant to jump into SACD what is the everyday Best Bu... 
Are vandersteen 5
My room size is 12.5 X 14 feet with a 8 foot ceiling. Went to electrostatics and gave up the deepest bass for the extended midrange and top end. Not looking back but very dissapointed in the Vandersteen dealer. 
Are vandersteen 5
I also have a rather small listening room, I purchased a pair of the Vandersteen Model Fives after a long dealer listening sessions and the idea that they will work in any room because of the adjustable subwoofers. After over a year of repeated me...