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Time for everbodys Top Ten list.....
Pat Metheny Trio -- LivePat Metheny Group -- Speaking of NowMessiah -- Academy of Ancient Music, Christopher Hogwood (The absolute best version imo)Pat Metheny Group -- Imaginary DayBeethoven -- The Five Piano Concertos, Serkin, Boston SymphonySom... 
Are they ever going to remaster the Beatles?
If the Stones remasters have any success in the market then you can bet the Beatles will soon follow. It all comes down to money. (as much as i cant stand Micheal Jackson) 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
A REAL audiophile drives a SUBARU!!!! 1988 GL and baby its paid for. Rega Maia, Cursa, Planet and B&W plus Headroom Cosmic and 600s. Worth more than the car. The way it should be. The wife drives the 1993 minivan Family Truckster, also worth l... 
Classical music for Rockers
Aaaron Copland was a great American composer. He died somwhere around 1990, i think. Fanfare For the Common Man is one of my favorites. Especially when played LOUD. Emerson, Lake and Palmer did a version in the early seventies. I always wondered w... 
artists who most deeply touch you
Pat Metheny playing In To The Dream on the 42 string Pakasso Guitar 
Best recoding of Mozart's Requiem
The Academy of Ancient Music/Christopher Hogwood is an excellent recording and performance. 
Hearing local radio through speakers
I should add that i received my stuff last month and had to set it up right next to the xmas tree until i could take it down. I got a feeling i may have to live with this and maybe the lights on the tree were blocking the radio signals... Anyhow t... 
Hall of Shame
How about the $37,000 Krell Lat-1 speakers? For that much money it sure did't get that great of a review in stereophile. Every time i see the ad it looks more like an ad for shoes--- Bruno Mahli??? Style over substance mass snob appeal... 
Hall of Shame
Anything that resembles contemporary art: that silly Oracle cd player comes to mind. 
Favorite HT demo scene from a movie?
Anything from Goodfellas, A Clockwork Orange, Vacation or the love scene from Deliverance. 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
Tony Bennet, Sting, Willie Nelson, Weird Al Yankovic... 
One Song Before You Go...
Convoy-- CW McCall 
One Song Before You Go...
Her Majesty--The Beatles 
My brother used to play My Sweet Lord on his record player. Still today whenever I hear that song I am brought back to his bedroom like it was yesterday...That was 30 yrs ago. That's the power of music. Thanks, George.