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Birthday DAC
Audio Mirror Tubadour  IV SE.    
Help choosing integrated
Second the Accuphase class A amps. 
SET amp comparable to First Watt SIT 1?
Still regret selling my BP amp, his power supply is what really makes them shine.  
Experience with Vinyl Nirvana
2 thumbs up have had AR, and Thorens lb replica he does great work  
Musical Fidelity M6-500i vs Kw - 500
Hi I have been sitting on one of these units for a while now finally picking up speakers that need the power. Curious about what carts are being used with mm or mc. Thankstim 
need comment for chimera labs rca cables
I know this is an old thread, are they still in business emails are getting kicked back, phone changed?ThanksTom 
Turntable upgrade, tweaks, or stay put?
Hi, I just started using kw500 little unclear of how to use external phono stage as suggested in earlier post. I have lomc and would really like to put to use. Any help or advice who be great.ThanksTim