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best SQ improvement DAC under $1000 to pair with Bluesound Node 2i
I paired my Node2i with a Border Patrol DAC (tube rectified) and it has delivered exactly what you described above.  Musical, great soundstaging and separation, easy to listen to. Base price is $1,075, so a slight reach over budget. I’ve been mor... 
Replacing TADAC Dac
I moved to a Border Patrol SE-i and my experience suggests it will provide the soundstaging you were looking for. Reverting back to my TADAC while my BP was back for an upgrade really reinforced this for me. 
TADAC tube dac help
If a photo could be posted, I'd be happy to compare it to the back of mine. 
The Best Compliment You've Gotten On Your Rig?
“Even when it’s off, it looks like a science experiment!” I treasure this compliment to this day. (Tubed DAC, preamp and amp - 21  tubes in all) 
Help needed with Tube Audio Design (TADAC)
I have a TADAC and can confirm the XLR ports on the back are outputs. 
What do you know and how do you like the RCA 5963 Black Plates?
I also have a stash of these, via Brent Jesse - his description:“This is a nice industrial type which is nearly identical to the standard 12AU7. RCA made a nice blackplate version of this tube, Sylvania has a gold pin version, and GE has it in the...