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Capacitance Question
Dan and AlThanks for your responses. I've seen a lot of conflicting information regarding capacitance.What I find interesting is that Clearaudio will sell a cart that wants a 100pF load with a tonearm that has a cable with 177pF of capacitance. It... 
Denon DP-47F arm return problem? Help needed
I've got a DP-47F also. I'm currently considering replacing it. It functions fine but it's starting to look a little long in the tooth. I wonder how far up the food chain I would need to go to hear significant improvement over the DD Denon? 
New LP's made from analog or digital masters
I wonder about this too. I noticed that MoFi recently released Beck's Sea Change on vinyl. I have Sea Change on CD, DVD-A and regular vinyl. I wonder how the MoFi was produced and how it will sound compared to the CD, DVD-A, original vinyl and the... 
Build Your Own?
I just finished these they are new cabinets for speakers I had already built. They use high quality ScanSpeak drivers and I love the way they sound. 
Opinions on the Zaph Audio ZRT Revelator Towers ?
I have them and I love them. For the price I don't think you can touch them. You need to be handy with a saw and such or you can buy prefab cabinets. 
Looking for a new turntable and cart 2-3K
Does anyone have a list of Well Tempered dealers? They seem hard to find.Thanks 
Looking for a new turntable and cart 2-3K
the emotion is on my short list but I don't have a local dealer to audition.I'm also considering a new Rega P5 or used P7 with an Ortofon 2M Black or a VPI Scout II or used Scoutmaster with an Dynavector 20x or possibly a Well Tempered Amadeus wit... 
Looking for a new turntable and cart 2-3K
I should probably add I mostly listen to rock both new and old and throw in some jazz every now and then. 
Should I get a new cart, TT or phono stage?
So I had the Era Gold in the set up for a few days and it does make a noticeable difference over the Pro-ject. I'm very pleased with the set up as of now. I'll probably enjoy it for a while then look to making an upgrade in the TT. 
Should I get a new cart, TT or phono stage?
So I've taken the advice of many here and bought a Era Gold here on A'gon. I'll report back when I get it and I can A/B with the pro-ject. 
Should I get a new cart, TT or phono stage?
Thanks everyone for the advice. I had no idea the Denon was that well regarded.One thought I had was to replace the stylus on the 2m red. I read somewhere that all 2m have the same body. Is that true? If so could I put a 2m black stylus into my 2m... 
Should I get a new cart, TT or phono stage?
JohnnyThat's the tough part for me I don't know what I'm not hearing. I'm just looking to make improvements.The turntable sits on vibracones and it has built in interconnects. The cart was installed by a dealer and I assumed it was done properly. ... 
Should I get a new cart, TT or phono stage?
Thanks. Will both the Rega and the Clearaudio play nice with the Ortofon 2M red?