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Sources for NOS tubes
i get mine from the tube man in fl.i have tested his tubes including the matching and they are as advertised.jhe has great tubes at a great price.he even warranties his tubes.deric 
Mismatched power tubes sound?
hello i thought i give my opinion,and hopefully no gives me hardtime.but with individual bias you can compensate for mismatched tubes.i dont pay extra for matched tubes and my amps sound great.i do try to test them well on my test bench them put i... 
Velodyne Subwoofer Problem?
to save shipping you can remove the amp section of the sub to have it repaired. 
Bad Tube Experience
darrell reponse is correct i agree with him. i use a sencore mu complete all reality if you are gonna buy tubes esp nos you must have your tester,and one that tests mutual conductance.i test tubes for my friends and match need t... 
Theshold Amp repair
i know where you can get it me ill give you some info. 
power amp draw
from a electrical stand point,,,the class a amps will draw about 3 times the current compared to class a/b,hence the heat given off. 
need electrical help with integrated amp
if you dont find find a cold solder joint,you could have a leaky capacitor on the driver board or the power supply.if you have a variac you could slowly bring up the power to check.but this his could just be a noisy cap causing ripple voltage.hope...