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Solid state amp to go with tube preamp; used ok; budget: $3k max
PS audio M 700s . Or spend a little more and get the benchmark AHB2 .  
DAC That Punches Above Its Price Point
There is 2 types of dacs to get , R2R and sigma delta, the best R2R dac out there for the money is the Audio Mirror tub iii Se , MHDT also makes a good R2R tube dac ,the best sig dac for around 2 k is the matrix element M . The Chinese topping and... 
How to get into high end digital? (Feeding a DAC)
Have you heard the new usb card? I’ve read a lot of good reviews on it . I think it’s probably comparable. Whatever suits your ears is what’s best. Not everybody has a streamer. Why are you done with Audirvana ? I know it doesn’t stream DSD very w... 
How to get into high end digital? (Feeding a DAC)
The best sound you’re going to get out of the SCHIIT Yagg is USB from your computer , running Audirvana or Roon . I suppose using a streamer would be OK also. If it has good sounding output. I used optical also it sounded good but I also was re-cl... 
How to get into high end digital? (Feeding a DAC)
I’m selling my Schiit ygg . Feed it from your computer with USB, get that new card installed 200 bucks . Done deal. Hit me up if you’re interested. I spent 1200 bucks taking the USB out of the picture , it was a tiny improvement. The R2R dac doesn... 
Why the hate for mcintosh amps?
I would trade my CARY preamp for a C22 in a New York minute. So if there’s anybody out there that hates their C22 MK 5 anniversary, let me know.  
Why the hate for mcintosh amps?
McIntosh was always known for being on the cutting edge. And if you have the money for their top end equipment I believe they still are. That new tube ,solid state amp combo is unbelievable . But you’re also paying for the resale value because the... 
Two new Schiit Yggdrasil's released yesterday!
this pisses me off to no end, where is the tube Yaggy????I requested this a long time ago and got no response. I’m upgrading to the audio mirror 
Tube Mono-Block Recommendation
Krell monoblocks 
why the distorted sound?
Bad tube I would say. 
How many pair of speakers do you own?
i have the sc 11's,they are too good for frigging surround speakers,but if you got the IV's then why not. 
Rega RP3 vs Sota Moonbeam II
i'd go with the VPI.the rega is better than the sota.my rega RP3-24 sounds very good. 
transparent audio ultra ic burn in time
I'm running the bottom end interconnects from transparent,about 4hours so far,not sounding better than my old monster cables,started out better but gradually got worse.hope these burn In.