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Abbey Lincoln, jazz singer, died on Saturday.
Sad. She was one of the greatest. 
You're selling that? But you just got it
Take her and her favorite CD or LP to a high end store and ask to have it played on a $50,000 system. Once she hears what top tier components can do she will gain respect for your audiophile habits. 
Is there a great LP12 set-up person in SoCal?
No set up device can replace a skilled practitioner of the art of turntable/cartridge alignment. Randy at Ultimate enchantment in Santa Monica, on the west side of Los Angeles, is your man. 
Big haul at local record show
Ive been collecting used vinyl for over 30 years. One of my first memorable acquisitions was Julie is Her Name, which I found in a thrift shop. Other notable finds were Their Satanic Majesties Request (mint, English pressing), and J. London's Cale... 
Help DPS turntable bearing oil needed
Buy some silicone motor oil, the kind used in cars. 
Thorens TD-309
There is a full review in the June issue of Hi-Fi News which gave it an "outstanding product" award. 
Finding a Power Cord that sounds great
I was skeptical of power cords for years until I tried a Wireworld Aurora 5 squared. It made a significant improvement. I then tried a Cardas Golden Reference. It was no better and no worse. Just a lot more expensive. 
Upgrading Rotel RCD-1072
I upgraded from a Rotel 1072 to a Musical Fidelity A5. There was a small improvement in the soundstage. 
changing from rotel and peach to plinius 8100?
I know nothing about your current amp and preamp but I do know that the Plinius runs hot, which may or may not concern you.I have a Naim Nait 5i which I purchased after reading a glowing review in The Absolute Sound. The review was accurate and I ... 
Suggestions for organizing albums
I separate by category and put a tag on the shelf to identify it. Then I arrange the records in alphabetical order within each category. As for category names, that really depends on your music preferances. I think it is more important to physical... 
Record Cleaning Fluids--Shelf life
If it has no visible sign of degradation, such as cloudiness, it is probably OK. But just to be safe you might throw away anything over five years old. My own VPI solution went bad after about 10 years. 
Best Christmas Album
If you like vocalists from the 50's and 60's I suggest The Great sounds of Christmas, sponsored by Goodyear on the Columbia label. They were issued one each year in the 60's, about ten in all, and they are commonly found anyplace where vinyl is sold. 
Balanced vs. Unbalanced - What does it mean?
I had an Ayre amp and preamp which I used for years with RCA's because I didn't think the more expensive balanced cables would make a significant difference. Then I got the audiophile bug and tried balanced cables. There was an obvious improvement... 
New turntable recommendations I have a MM-7 now
If you want convenience, consider a Thorens. German craftmanship, and most models have an automatic lift and turn off when the arm comes to the end of a record. And they look good in a retro sort of way. 
what cd player to choose
I had an Ayre amp and preamp and was using an Arcam FMJ 23 which I replaced with a Rotel RCD 1072. I have been very happy with this unit. I purchased a Marantz 8001 to replace it because the Rotel did not have SACD capability, but I found the soun...