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Think fast: What would you take?
Plan ahead. Having had to evacuate here in n. California twice, now I keep records of everything in the house (spreadsheet) scanned receipt copies, pictures of everything, back up drives in a bank vault with important documents. Boxes of irreplaca... 
Length of speaker cables
+1 for Morrow audio speaker cables. I am using the xp-7. Vast improvement over the Tara labs I was using. I'd kep the longer cables, just in case.... 
Thoughts on my Sim Moon 260D CD player
Does the dac in the neo260d support mqa? I'm considering purchasing this for simplicity sake, but wondering if i can run a streamer in to it that supports mqa and get the mqa benefit. 
Anybody here upgrade from Chord Qutest DAC"
I tried qutest and hugo tt2. Hugo delivers lots more depth and detail. The clarity and precision of the bass was most noticable.  I am saving for the m scaler, rather than considering chord Dave and intend on using it for multiple digital sources. 
Great Intergated amp with great built in DAC
I was using a Parasound HALO integrated, with DAC and phono. Great all in one. Lots of power and very good sound. I found the DAC to be on par with the Chord QuTEST (side by side, about the same)  Parasond was paired with KEF 500 floorstanders, an... 
Cable comparison charts?
And here is the pricing to go along with the WIRE WORLDS product catalog:  
Cable comparison charts?
Here is the Wire World product catalog- although without prices...  
Need highly transparent detailed amp---how does Pass XA25 compare to Gamut D100/D200 MKIII
@Cdamiller5 thanks for the info.  680d way cheaper! 
Need highly transparent detailed amp---how does Pass XA25 compare to Gamut D100/D200 MKIII
cdamiller 5or anyone- Do you know how the Simaudio 780 DAC compares to CHORD HUGO TT, or Chord Dave? I am working on DAC's next... Currently using Bluesound Node and a borrowed chord qutest. Good. Not GREAT! 
Need highly transparent detailed amp---how does Pass XA25 compare to Gamut D100/D200 MKIII
I just picked up a used DEMO set of Simaudio MOON 740P (Pre Amp)860A (Amp)- for about $15k. I was afraid of heat from the PASS, and couldn't afford the Luxman 900. The Simaudio makes my KEF REFERENCE 5's sing. Great clear soundstage.I have been ru... 
Bryston Amp Experience Needed
Update drhelzer?? I am also considering bryston 4b3 to power KEF ref 5. How does it do with KEF? 
Need preamp recommendation
What about Van Alstine? A tube pre-amp. There is one listed for sale on Audiogon (with amp, though). I'd like to hear people's thoughts on Van Alstine- it looks really reasonably priced. 
New KEF Reference 5 speakers
Fast- please do report if you switch out the pre-amp. I'd love to know how that changes things. I just got new speaker cables (Morrow Audio bi-wired SP7's, upgrade from Tara Labs- prism) The clarity and openness of the sound from the speakers is j... 
New KEF Reference 5 speakers
FastThanks for staying with this thread. I just acquired a pair of KEF Ref 5.  I set them up where I had the r500, and they didn't impress me. I read everything I could find on Audiogon (and appreciated your persistence)- once I cleared out ALL FU...