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iPod as source
You must check your iPod and what version it is before even buying into anything else.iPods that are older generation you cant take the digital extraction out of it unless you 'RockBox' it which is replacing the Operating System and quite hard to ... 
android phone
What is your android phone?Check this here: http://www.extreamsd.com/USBAudioRecorderPRO/It will give you suitable devices and DACs for Android.Most people use USB Audio Player Pro, its quite good.Lewinskih01: I had the chance to listen to the iDS... 
New Springsteen Box: Opinions?
Hey, sorry I don't got the new box yet but I though to post.I find Springsteen's recordings really dull compared to his live, stage performed ones. Unfortunately the ones I like have lots of noise and only MP3 quality.Personally I think The Boss i... 
Why is J River better than iTunes on PC?
JRiver is 100% better, lot more flexibility with a software, iTunes is for main stream ei random people who listen to MP3 etc its advertised for everyone and its free, JRiver is a paid software and much more stable, reads all files too 
Recommendation for short RCA cables
Hi Zavato,Budget at the moment is $50 or under for a pairThanks 
Where/How can I further improve PC audio quality?
Are you looking to upgrade PC parts?I upgraded from 4GB to 8GB, laptop to custom build desktop.From dual core to 8 core CPU.The difference was beyond belief! 1000% times better as playing HD Audio can eat at CPU usage etc.Better PC parts better pe... 
Recommendation for short RCA cables
Thanks for your replies guys!Going to give it a little longer before deciding.Looking into having a pair custom for my needs.Thanks! 
Best 30 Pin to Lightnening Adaptor
Your best bet and safest option is a genuine Apple one.Inside these adapters Apple have put chips inside to extract the digital signal, having another brand may cause slight issues.Example OTG cable is just wiring, so technically any type of OTG w... 
DSD DAC's - Any recommendations?
Hey guys,Thanks for the recommendations! I've made up my mind, I'm going to invest in a iDSD Nano and see how that goes. Should be here shortly will let you know how I get on :-)Thanks again guys! 
DSD DAC's - Any recommendations?
Just seen the ifi iDSD Nano, http://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/nano-idsd/Has anyone tried this before? Considering buying one. I also see they have a new iDSD with Octa-speedhttp://ifi-audio.com/portfolio-view/micro-idsd/ 
JRiver 19 playback
Hi,Long time reader new user.I recently got JRiver too so I'm also experimenting with it. If you go to; Tools > Options > Playback Options > Audio Device - you should be able to select the playback if its either speakers or another device...