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Please...dont flame me (Bose 901-Series I help)
hang the speakers from the ceiling per the dimensions in the instructions...best possible sound from BOSE equipment.I ran them with a tube pre-amp and an 80WPC SS amp for awhile. 
recommend an 8ohm preamp for 2x 400w speakers?
For what you described, you’ll love the Crown 1502, if you are carrying around Gator gig cases, it’ll slide right in with your other gear 
TEST: Older R2R Tube DAC vs Newer Delta-Sigma Solid-State DAC
What I enjoy when doing A/B with different DACs is using standard res and higher resolution of the same song with both DACs.  It becomes real apparent which DAC stands out.  Lower resolutions you will hurt your self trying to hear any major differ... 
The big DAC decision
Seems DAVE has many things you don’t need, like a headphone amp and digital preamp.why not find something more purpose built for what you are looking for?how did you land on the Meridian Ultra? 
Anyone running Schiit Audio Freya preamp and a pair of Vidar power amps? What speakers?
Freya has been back order with a Vidar for quite sometime...looking forward to KEF R1 using balanced vidars passive Freya balanced Yggy (A2).  Currently Magni 3 driving single Vidar....too much gain...but beautiful sound and deeper bass than shoul... 
In search of respectable/reasonable tube amps with 16 ohm taps
can you build?https://www.transcendentsound.com/cathode-follower-amp.html 
Schiit Reference Sytem review: Freya into Yggdrasil, into Vidar
How would one determine the analog playback of vinyl has about 12 bits of information? 
Schiit not shipping
Received email today...shipping soon 
Pre amps cost vs. value ... what I discovered last month.
I looked inside this Avocet on the net, and it’s full of opamps, and if 15 years old they’d mainly be TLO5*'s ands NE553*'s which are very ordinary to say the least.Cheers GeorgeSometimes HifiGeorge...it’s the circuit not the components.cheers mate 
Mono Blocks on a Budget, is it possible?
passive crossover will work in this case...active is better if you don’t have a budgetI just asked a question bud, you jumped on me...enjoy life 
Mono Blocks on a Budget, is it possible?
Ummm.  He has two stereo amplifiers with 4 separate and independent channels, obviously you suck at reading comprehension.his speakers are considered sensitive and don’t require the added power balanced offers...that’s one reason he could be disap... 
Mono Blocks on a Budget, is it possible?
Have you tried to bi-amp your speakers vs running balanced?  I like that Freya has two sets of single ended outputs to run two left channels to a single Vidar and the same for the right channel.   
Interconnects and non-believers
For the record, I spent under $300 for the interconnects (Morrow MA4, on sale.)I replaced old  Musiclink Transparent cables which cost about the same at the time of purchase.now we have data to speculate against 
Interconnects and non-believers
Now that RVPiano has spoken, non-believers should be converted.oh wait, what did you change from?  String to copper?  Of course there would be a difference.  Did you change from a $50 set to a $500 set?  Difference might not be worth the coin  
Schiit not shipping
I ordered Freya March 23rd...along with Yggy. Freya May be ready to ship 6/6 (doubtful) but Yggy has the gen 5 problem and shows 6/29...most likely Freya will be off the shelves again and they won’t ship me an Yggy either at the end of June. I fee...