Responses from dubya

Salk Towers versus Legacy Classic
I haven't heard the Salk Song Towers, but I have listened to the Veracity's and have spoken at length with Jim Salk at a DIY gathering. I found the Veracity's to be a very fine loudspeaker, and I am extremely hard to please. I don't believe that y... 
Graham 2.2 Upgrade-Worth It?
Yes, although it doesn't appear to involve much, i could hear a difference the first time i listened to the upgrade. 
News on Cello Music Film Systems?
ja, they be kaput. 
NBS statement vs Whale elite powerchord
The NBS just gets up and, ya know, speaks! The Whale always sounds like it's searching for a little more air. 
Suggestions for Cables all with Krell
Dump the Krell. Keep the free ic's and start from scratch. You'll be much happier.