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Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II
Hi Jean,Thanks for your precious information.Indeed, the rebuild lenco with heavy plinth is remarkable TT.The music it makes has more body and presence,even thought the motor is little noisy in my rebuild lenco.I think I just need to enjoy music a... 
Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot II
Hi all lenco lovers,Is it possible to decouple the motor mounting from topplate? I mean to build separte motor mounting block.I am sure it would put lenco to another level.Thanks all feedback.KB 
12AT7 tubes
Hi everyone,First , thanks everyone for all inputs,advice and recommendations. I have bought siemens tube,and planned to get amperex one. I would love to get Telefunken ,mullard ,RCA tubes when opportunities come. I would post my impressions from ... 
Using the VPI SDS with non-VPI turntables
hello Dave,I repeatedly measure lenco speed by stop watch since I have no strobe disc to check speed. It turns out 59.70 seconds for 33and 1/3 rpm. I am not sure it's acceptable,but it sounds good for listening.Assume that my measuring method outc... 
Using the VPI SDS with non-VPI turntables
Hello Dave,I have rebuild lenco 78 TT.It's running a little fast. Do you have any speed issue with your lenco? How you measure and correct speed? because i am thinking of getting one speed controller for my well tempered and lenco?Thanks for any i... 
Building high-end 'tables at Home Depot: Photos
Hello Johnnantais,I have Lenco 78 to rebuild. Your information is quite helpful. Do you know where I can find and buy the templates to build the plinth? Thanks for response! KB