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Archiving CDs to HD...suggestions?
The CD drive does matter because they vary in ability to correct errors and dig info out of scratches. The best ones are the Plextor 760's and 716's. Unfortunately these are not made any more and have to be dug out of EBay etc. Newer Plextors are ... 
laptop to analog, any suggestions?
Dk89; Squeezebox should work ok over a large network in a college dorm if the networks isn't too congested. I don't think it can play directly off a network hard drive - there is a sever component that is needed. However if you mount the network h... 
Small bookshelfs that reach 42 hz
I re-read your message - one downside to the M-22s is that the stands are not that great. I would look for stands from another source if I went for the Revels.As for an amp, I would go for something in the 100+ w/ch range at least. I'm using the n... 
Small bookshelfs that reach 42 hz
I agree with the assesment of the Revel M-22s. They have really good base performance in my setup. revel is also closing out the Maple finish, so if you like that color you can get them for a good price. 
HI End Dual Layer DVD player
Yes, there are many newer players that can read DL writable disks (my Denon 2900 and 3930ci do it), but don't cheap out on media. As far as I can tell there are two kinds of DL blanks out there - Verbatim and no-good junk. 
Music server quality.
I don't think that there is any difference so long as you couple the music server to a good DAC. 
squeezebox vs sonos
I think the Squeezebox DACs are ok, but I am not that thrilled with the analog section. If you add an external DAC that has jitter removal and an excellent analog section like the Lavry Black you can very very good results.Of course that bumps the... 
Will I improve the qualitry of sound?
Spend some time on room acoustics. By far the best bang for buck when it comes to sound quality improvement. 
PRat: a DAC or transport thing?
PRaT and cables all in one message. Next we will have past life regressions and crystal power. Spend your money on something real like room treatments and speakers. 
Grace Design m902 vs. Benchmark DAC1?
I think that the headfi comparison was pretty acurate. The Grace might sound better at times, with more bass, but the reason for that is that the Grace is romanticizing the sound. The Benchmark is revealing the truth. 
Amps For Revel F52?
I am considering the Channel Islands D-200 with these speakers. Any comments? 
recommendation needed revel salon vs b&w 800
It will be interesting to see the updated Ultimas due out later this year. If they take the F52 concepts into the Ultima line the result should be a much more engaging speaker. 
Need a warm speaker for a bright room
Photon46 has it right. You can reduce the high freq output to get tonal balance but the muddiness from echos in the room will remain. 
Can I expect to pay full retail for a new system?
My experience with gear in the 5K - 10K range is that 10 - 15% is automatic and you can probably get more. If you are lucky or have a friend you might get 30%. 
How do you determine how much to spend on speakers
I think that the formula must include money for room treatment - besides speakers that is the #1 influence on sound quality. Fortunately room treatments are a big bang for buck category too, especially if you can DIY.Speakers: 40%Room Treatments: ...