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Tool for measuring pivot to spindle distance?
HiI have a tool that I am looking to sell. its made by acoustical systems Germany. I can list it if you would like. 
Audio Research PH-2 Phono
Thanks for that. 
Help me pick a great phono cable
HiLots of talk about this one in the UK forums.Sounds like it maybe worth checking out.http://theartofsound.net/forum/tags.php?tag=428+phono 
Source for Microseiki BL91-L arm board.
HiTry 2juki you will find his ads for Micro parts on ebay. I have just ordered an arm board for my RX-5000 from him even though his website says he is out of stock of that model. there a a couple of other sellers of Micro parts there too. Regards ... 
Acoustat TNT 200 Upgrade / Rebuild
Hi i was talking to Roy at Sounds Like New in early July. No mention of him stopping work. He really does do great work and knows his stuff. Here is the contact email i used. Good luck.Regards Steve. soundslikenew@prodigy.net 
Signal vs. Audio Art vs. Speltz Anti? Need help...
Have just replaced an all Signal Anolog-2s with the IC-3s.(4 Pair). No contest in my system, a top to bottom improvement more detailed and lots more dynamic. Just waiting to recieve the SC-5s hope it works out to be as good. FWIW they are both goo... 
Plinius 8200 Mk1 - supply voltage - advice needed
Hi Yes its no problem. I have had an 8200 MK11 converted from 110 to 220 here in New Zealand. Regards Steve. 
Speakers that mate well with Plinius 9200
Totem speakers and Plinius work very well together and would fall within your budget. Regards Steve 
Dali MegaLine overviews from owners ?
I am the lucky guy who got the pair offered for sale here in December complete with the tube crossover. In the last three weeks I have finally managed to get them up and running. WOW!! Even without ANY tweaking they are stunning, wall to wall soun... 
Acoustat Model 3 MK121 Interface
Check out the Audio Circuit Acoustat pages everything you want to know about Acoustats is there. 
A good inexpensive integrated for Totem Sttaf's
Have just gone through all this for a small system i am putting together for my mum using Arros.On Totems advise I have just ordered a Unico 80, they say its a wonderful combo. Like you I can't get to hear all this stuff so I hope its as good as t... 
Moving to New Zealand from USA Now What?????
Hi Vong As a rule I would have to say that audio gear is cheaper and more affordable in the States than here, the choice is also is much greater. Step down trannies do work we are 230 volts here. So have it converted there to 230 and bring it all ...