Responses from elison_lest

Please Support Music Education
Music education is very important for children. Music can become both the main occupation in later life, and remain just as a hobby. It can also discipline a restless child, and make him persistent and purposeful.  
Two new books on great musicians.
Very interesting and informative books. I also like the biography of one of the jazz musicians.  
Spotify for classical music lovers
Spotify is a great place for those who like to listen to music all the time. I also love classical music and an important criterion for me is that you can find different playlists to suit your mood. You can choose new playlists or the most popular... 
What kind of music do you like to hear the most?
I like to listen to different music, different styles - classical, rock, indie. Therefore, I like collections on YouTube or Spotify. I prefer the daily Spotify suggestions based on my playlist because I don't like to listen to the same thing all... 
How eclectic is your taste in music?
For me, music is an important part of life, a way to relax and unwind, cheer up, get aesthetic pleasure. But I always listen to different music, rock, pop, classics, it all depends on the mood. It happens that I don’t listen to music for a couple ... 
Best music in 2021
Music trends change very quickly, so classical music is always a priority for me, classical music is timeless.