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Internet music sellers
I agree with you ! , but the cost is a significant difference.So when it is one of my favorite recordings I do feel itis worth it. Let me say it's MoFis which I have buying since the late 70'sare the most inconsistent of all labels and when they s... 
Internet music sellers
Add Elusive disc-Acoustic Sounds plus Soundstage and Music Direct.I have to say I have been disappointed in the sound quality most of the time.But I have been impressed with about 30% of my purchases in the last fiveyears-about 100 records.  
Howard Rumsey passes ...
I started going to the Lighthouse around 1958 when I was12 years old. Back in those days grown ups were generallynot very nice to kids. At the Lighthouse Howard Rumseymade everyone including kids feel welcome.Howard was a prince -when the Lighthou... 
Has anyone else heard Modwright PH150 Phono Stage?
I do have the Modwright 150SEI also have the LS100 pre-amp with the phono stage.and a Modwright modded Sony SCDXA5400 CD player.It all sounds fantastic and I have heard some veryexpensive mega-buck equipment that didn't blow meaway at CES and Audi... 
What is your favourite Coltrane album ?
Any of the albums with Miles especially-Workin-Steamin-Relaxin-Cookin (Prestige)My Favorite Things-(Atlantic)Bags and Trane(Atlantic)Love Supreme(Impulse)If you like these then get the rest. 
Theres a firesale of the Modwrights oppo 105 units
I have a Modwright Sony SCD XA5400 SACD player.It sounds outstanding! -The only player that I heard that I liked more was the previous DCS Stack that I heard about 8-10years ago and cost about $80,000!I have all the upgrades except for the Bybee R... 
favorite independant audio dealers/designers
Dan Wright-Modwright 
Pass Labs XA-60.8 Mono Blocks
You did a review of the Modwright KWA 150SE how would thisamp compare with the Pass Labs XA-60.8I own the Modwright LS100 pre and the KWA 150SE and I continue to be impressed with the sound.If you would just a short comparison if you would.Thank y... 
Audible Illusions Modulus 3 Audio Research SP-11
The Modwright LS100 blows the Modulas 3A away.I owned for several years very unreliable and ittakes months to get back from repair.Sound is adequate but no magic! 
Who believes that Robert Plant
Destat CDS
What is the Schumann device?thank you 
Destat CDS
Thank you -I have the Furutech RD-2 and I don't hear anyimprovement from that $400 device. Thanks for your feedback