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Telling musicians to evaluate and choose their instruments in a “scientific” way?
I was talking to my one of my musician family members about her issues with live sound.  Most of them were cleared up after proper placement of mic with respect to speakers so as not to induce feedback.  You would be surprised how many people w/o ... 
Was this Technics set up for Radio or Nightclub?
Spent a lot of time with these at KTUH.  Can't remember if it was SP15 or SP25's.  They started and stopped on a dime; amazing torque.  Bulletproof.  Student DJ proof? 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
L. A. Dream Team 12" - Rockberry Jam with Funky FreshGruesome Twosome 12" - Hallucination Generation (shout our to Mario who I stole this one from)Bomb the Bass 12" - Love So True - Depth Charge remix (doesn't sound as fresh now, but worked up the... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Going way back tonight:Grace Jones (the most sexual person I have ever known) - Portfolio - Side 2, Track 1 - La Vie En Rose, 1976David Bowie - Let's Dance - Side 1, Track 3 - Let's Dance (played through after China Girl). 1983Berlin - Pleasure...