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Bluesound Node 2021 DAC - I sold my Denafrips Ares II
Using Node 2i with pd creative/s booster.  Musetec mhda005 dac.  Sounded like crap until I turned off Node setting “mqa external dac”.     
Beautiful Music That Reduce You To Tears
Fernando Ortega Grace And Peace.  Merry Christmas all.    
Review: Holo May (L2) DAC and the Musetec Audio (LKS Audio) MH-DA005 DAC Compaired
Thanks for the review.  I caught wind of this a week or two ago over at hifi-head and have been watching for it.  I upgraded from the lks 004 to the Musetec 005 a few weeks ago and am very happy I did.  I was contemplating delaying the purchase to... 
any suggestions on what to replace Bluesound Node 2i with
Hilde45: it seems there’s only one circuit board to purchase from PD Creative which is out of Poland.  Was a very good buying experience for me.  You just choose whether you buy it with their power supply or shop for your own.  Takes the ac buzz o... 
any suggestions on what to replace Bluesound Node 2i with
I have a node 2i with the PD Creative dc power supply board upgrade.  Feeding it with an LKS power supply and upgraded dc cable.  Soft silver spdf (Nimak) cable to LKS Mh-da004 dac.  Also audio quest Vodka Ethernet cables through Etherregen.  Pret... 
Warning: China-Hifi-Audio.com
Just received a Willsenton R8 and 3 Jungson Diety 3 power cables from Yong Lee (China Hifi).  All look good.  This guy is legitimate.Jonathan in Wi, USA.