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need amplification help for sonus faber amati
I would go with a european amp... since you're in Europe!,KR Enterprise, Nagra,EAR, Goldmund, FM acoustic... you name it! then, since y4're french: Jadis!!!CiaoE 
Life after DarTZeel
Sorry for the ot, Mike: "Which SET tube amps are you considering?", I love the Dartzell sound but I'm eager to try a tube amp.Thank YouE 
EAR 88pb, Opinions?
Audiofeil is shameless.E 
Speaker choice for 50w push-pull tube integrated
I agree with Jaibo... but if you really want to sell I'm interested...E 
Best speakers ever 4 small room?
Sonus Faber Guarnieri Memento 
Wilson Alexandria X2s in small room
As Audiofeil already said Audiooracle sells Dali... you do the math.E 
McIntosh Intergraded
Actually I was thinking to suggest you one of the Pathos integrated... but then i realize they don't have tone controls. I listen mostly soft rock/ jazz with your same system (Pathos + Auditor), but i know what you mean when you say that your musi... 
McIntosh Intergraded
Personally I don't think Mac is a good match with Auditors, I found Mac a little slow and not that dynamic, also the Auditors are power hungry and 100 w is definetely not enough.E 
How would you rate these 2 Channel amps
Krell and Mark Levinson by far.E