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darTZeel NHB-108 users please check in ...
Hey,I'm wanting to find a great Preamp for my 108 but cant afford the Dart Pre.Any experience on great pairing would be greatly appreciated. Right now I'm using an old Krell KRC-HR and it sounds pretty darn good. 
Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne
My burn in is over and impressions are on par with what I'm hearing here. I love them and find them amazing regardless of price point. Key points for me my room is not that big 15x16 and they fill it nicely. Using both ARC REF250s and REF75 for am... 
Best speaker on used market around 10,000.00
Acoustic Zen Cresendos'. 
Anyone else pairing the new AR Ref 150w/sasha?
any update.Considering this matchup.thx 
Any Mac Pure Music DX-5 or QB-9 users out there?
fixed switch in the back.Thanks for the reply. 
Best tube mono blocks under $15,000?
Thx for all the input. Seems my amp preamp combo may be serving me well. I think I'll audition the Mc275 C2300 combo and go from there. 
Best tube mono blocks under $15,000?
They seem a little over the top anybody ever ABed them with Mc275? 
Best tube mono blocks under $15,000?
Sure,Right now I have Magico V2's . My current amps are McIntosh Mc501 500 watt SS mono blocks. Cables are Cardas GR thru out. sources are VPI HR-X and Mac MCD500 cd/dac