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Best lines in a song
Peter Gabriel -BikoYou can blow out a candleBut you can't blow out a fireOnce the flames begin to catchThe wind will blow it higher 
solid state vs tubes
Just wondering if the experts chiming in here saying emphatically that a SS and tube amp can't sound the same read the Carver Challenge? Pretty hard to refute what the conclusion was in that demonstration. So Experts, are your ears better than the... 
CD players - Luxman vs. Esoteric?
Toronto416,I recall you looking at the 590Aii also, I would love to hear how you would compare the 509u to it's class A brother. What made you decide on the 509u? BTW 416'er here too :)thanksEric 
Best lines in a song
Peter Gabriel -- Biko---You can blow out a candleBut you can't blow out a fireOnce the flames begin to catchThe wind will blow it higher 
Bat VK-300se vs. Luxman 509u
Rtn1I actually have been considering separates. At the price point of the 509u or the 590Aii I could get some nice units. I guess the main reason I like integrated units is that the manufacture has complete control to ensure that both the pre and ... 
Bat VK-300se vs. Luxman 509u
GlaiThanks for the response. The Blue Herons are 90db and 4 ohm speakers so not super hard to drive. 
Bat VK-300se vs. Luxman 509u
Sony XA5400ES DAC Chip
Like Neal, I too had a good interaction with American Theater. I found them to be polite and very helpful 
Is BCD-1 hands down better than Sony XA5400es
I received my SCD-XA-5400ES yesterday from these folks. give them a call 
Anyone have their Tri-Vista21 modded?
Thank Krell man,I actually really like the sound of the Tri-Vista DAC with my set up so I would have no issue keeping it for a while. I am looking for a little more clarity and improved dynamic without impacting the organic sound of this DAC What ... 
Oppo BDP-83SE or Sony SCD-XA5400ES?
Buconero117 you stated "oppo SE, Sony not even close now. The balance on Sony, in my opinion does not add anything. It the chips, chips etc. You need to get up to $10K plus to beat the oppo."Did you actually hear both units or is this conjecture ?... 
Tube or SS amp with Blue Heron 2's?
I am running my pair with a BAT VK-300x-se integrated and they sound amazing. One thing I found was that they are super sensitive to setup with respect to the way they are tipped. A few degree too forward and I couldn't believe how muddy the bass ... 
BAT 300x 6922 vs Super tube
Mark,Thanks for the feedback. That's exactly the type of info I was looking for. I will have to start doing some tube rolling. I guess with tubes in the signal path you always compromise the bass somewhat. Thanks again