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how to set up a tonearm/cartridge
Hi,just a quick note that I have put a new video on YouTube. Once everything is ok with your deck and you have finished your work on overhang and zenith you should not forget about azimuth;)Look here: http://youtu.be/y5UGd2E9s9QHope this is not to... 
DaVinci tonearm and azymuth
Hi Jazzgene,sorry, but the software never ever would recommend to twist by 45°....... Cheers,ChrisPS: You have mail 
DaVinci tonearm and azymuth
Hi Dertonarm,so the following lines were not written by you?As for the Freickert-software... it implies for correct function in azimuth-adjustment mode, that both coils of a given cartridge do have 100% identical output.If this is not the case - w... 
DaVinci tonearm and azymuth
@Dertonarm: As I can read from your posting(s) you didn't even read the manual properly...The software doesn't balance outputs at all!Cheers,Chris 
Anybody have the Feickert Adjust + program?
Hi @all,just a quick information. The software is sold directly and as Gene already mentioned we had some prolems getting the packages to your end.... This now is solved and we offer FedEx shipping for an additional 20,- EURO. We sell through our ... 
Feickert Adjust+ Tool
Hi @all,just to attract your attention I want to let you know that Noel Keywood of Hi-Fi World/UK released a review on our software. The link can be found on our Adjust+ - homepage.Cheers,Chris 
Feickert analogue protractor....Owners impressions
Manufacturers comment:Hi @all,well, I was invited by one of the users of this discussion board. Honestly I do not think it makes any sense for me to go through all postings here as I am currently under heavy workload with some other projects and a...