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Adding two JL Audio F110's to my 2 channel system
My problem now is I don't think I can use a crossover unit with my BAT 300x integrated.  Don't think it has appropriate connections on rear panel. 
Adding two JL Audio F110's to my 2 channel system
Thank you all for your comments.  Somehow I feel better.  Yes, I'm afraid the only way to get close to holy grail sound is with JL audio's own expensive crossover unit.  Unfortunately, I don't think this crossover can be used with my BAT vk300x.  ... 
Incorporating sub into my 2 channel / HT system
Wow, This appears to be more complicated than I first thought. I figured there would be lots of people out there in my situation with simple solution. Didn't think it would be relavent until now but I should mention I plan on upgrading system by e... 
TV to Receiver cables
Wow, Lot's of good info Blind....thank's much. I will get into all of it this weekend. I will let you know the outcome. Thanks again. 
TV to Receiver cables
Ok, I admit I don't really know what i'm doing. Why connect the Marantz to the Sony?... Because that's the only way I considered. And yes, I only plan on using the internal Sony speakers for normal TV after work viewing...news, favorite evening tv... 
In market for AVR and need suggestions
I want HDMI. I will only be running 5.1 (center, two mains and two rears). My JM Lab Electras don't need tons of power but would like to have aleast 100wpc at 5.1 
Advice on first HT equipment and setup.
Information to add to my original thread......Current two channel equipment -- Cary CA1 Integrated Amp- Cary CD Player- JM Lab Electra 926 Speakers- Rogue Stealth Phono Stage- Thorens TD-125 TT