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Vinyl vs. CD
Hi,here is my experience. I made all kind of comparison between my Forsell turntable with Transfiguration cartridge and Forsell transport+DAC and analog was ways better. 
The BEST system you've ever built !!!!
Hi folks. Here is my journey. Turntable: Forsell air force one,tonearm Forsell air bearing,cartridges:Transfiguration AF 1, Symphonic line RG 8 gold, Clearaudio Insider Reference, pre-pre dr. Forsell, pre Convergent Ultimate, crossover M.L. lnc 2,... 
Who buys original RCA and Merc LP's?
Mr. Brian,I have many, but if as a buyer you have same manners as you do as a seller.......... 
Technics RS 1506,is it best Open Reel ?
butI fear what I can buy is only second generation tape,isn't it?. I saw also master dubs tapes for sale.Are they similar to master tapes? Thanks. 
Technics RS 1506,is it best Open Reel ?
Hi,thanks for your post.I think I'll not use for live recording,but only for playback. I saw many 2 and 4 track tapes for sale. I know that master tapes should play better than lps,but I fear that what I can  
The Best Audio Dealer
Very good experience with Mario of Toys from the Attic,Paul Jenkins of Cable Company and Galen Carol of GC Audio. Very bad experience with Brian of HelloHiFi 
Whats the best Tube Preamp
Best Cartridge cost no object
Dear Albert,thanks for your response. I have transfiguration af1,and I think it sounds very good,but I didn't compare with others. Moreover I have just bought a Symphonic line and a clearaudio reference cartridge,but I haven't listened to them bec... 
Best Cartridge cost no object
Dear Albert,I listened to clearaudio reference but never listened to insider or koetsu.Which are the differences among them,in your opinion? Have you ever listened to Symphonic line rg8 gold or transfiguration af1,the older one? Thanks 
dear Waltw,do you own it? Which comparison did you do with other great turntables?Thanks, Fulvio 
CAT preamp matching
I own it too and it sounds great with my Fourier Panthere otl monoblocks,but company is out of business.A friend of mine got good results with big Manley amps. You can try with them. Ciao and good luck