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Legacy Studio HD or Joseph Audio RM7XL Speakers?
Still looking for Legacy Speakers? 
Legacy Whisper vs. Genesis V?
Still looking for a Legacy Whisper? I am an authorized dealer for all of Legacy Audio speakers including their new Aeris line....quite incredible new speaker line. I can make you a very aggressive deal on any pair of Legacy's.Cheers,Greg 
What does one purchase after owning horns?
Try corns...vs horns they are da bomb. 
SS amp for B&W 801ms2 Emotiva XPA1 or W4S SX100
Friend, what the F does Threshold series have to do with the question re: Emotiva or W4S? Geez, read the post man. 
Sunfire TGA5200? Did I make mistake vs Para A51?
Yes you did.