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Why speaker lines come and go
None of these high end speaker companies make drivers. THey BUY drivers from major companies such as dynaudio, vifa, scanspeak, or worse. They are in the business of building cabinets...LOL... 
Speaker Upgrade Journey - Wilson, B&W, Linn
Buying these so called high end audio equipment is equivalent to buying luxury sedans. Most of them loses value pretty fast. 
Move from my LS3/5A orig ownr to Harbeth which
quad-man you are wrong. Its woofer does not work in this way. 
Move from my LS3/5A orig ownr to Harbeth which
Horn loaded bookshelves such as dc10audio Berlin II are not well designed. The bottleneck of bookshelves is the woofer, not the tweeter. With such a small horn, the tweeter can only have crossover down to around 2,000+HZ. Its drivers inside the ho... 
Move from my LS3/5A orig ownr to Harbeth which
Harbeth is a weird existence. In sonic aspect it needs a tube amp. In electronic aspect it is 4ohm and low sensitivity needs a Solid state amp. Just don't buy Harbeth LOL. It is a joke at that price point. 
Best small speakers?
There is only one: LS3/5A! 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
mcintosh mc275marantz 8 and 9 
Amazing ''Overachieving'' products...your pick?
I think the PO is promoting Cayin... 
Does anyone own Richard Allan LS3/5A reissues?
to Lushlife, be reminded that 11ohm rogers are among the worst sounding Ls3/5As. Hartbeth 11ohm or any 15ohm are better. 
Monitor speaker recommendations
any version of LS3/5A