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Here comes the PS Audio's streamer -- anyone excited?
Any updates on this?  I find the inability to play Apple Music, Spotify (for playlists/tracks unavailable on Qobuz), on the new DAC Mk. II frustrating.  I would have preferred a single box solution with two price points.  Love the idea of a prefer... 
Green Mountain Audio's Calypso HD Speakers?
I also own Calypsos - they are fantastic.  The detailed response above may have you covered, but if you're looking for additional feedback, LMK.  I've had several conversations with Roy about drivers and he's very particular in this regard.  The r... 
Inexpensive wall mount speakers
I read good feedback about the PSB Alpha B-1. This is a rarely used passive listening option so money is an object. Any feedback on these? 
Vandersteen Quatro vs. GMA Calypso
If you hold off for a few weeks let me know. I'm slated to receive a pair of Calypsos in the near future. I can't offer direct comparisons but can let you know my thoughts on this new GMA product. 
Difference Virtual Dynamics Nite 2 and Master
What about the speaker cables in these two lines? 
Which Hi-end monitor for near field listening
GMA Callistos. Awesome. The best sounding monitor I have ever heard. They dissapear and cast a huge soundstage even at low volume and at near field listening. 
Is the Jolida jd 100 as good as the dealers claim?
Shoe, have you considered a modified Jolida as an upgrade? It's something you might want to consider. The mods do make a difference. The Arcam FMJ 33 is very nice and the Cary 303/200 is also great player. The Cary is very neutral and open/spaciou... 
Signal Cable -- High End Generic?
I love the Silver Resolution line. I have an all Siver Res. set up on my second system (including the speaker cables) and the sound is very holographic. I use his Magic Power cord on my amp, and his HC Digital Magic Power cord on my CD. It brought... 
Is the Jolida jd 100 as good as the dealers claim?
I have owned many players in and above the Jolida price range. I settled on the Jolida with Level 1 Mods. Absolutely incredible for the money and even for much more. I was listening to it last night. Abbey Road. You could hear the sand in the mara... 
Signal Cable -- High End Generic?
Cable comparisons and strengths are system dependant. Silver Resolutions sound immaculate and incredible on one of my systems, but may not be right for someone else. Claims about good quality, reasonably low cost cables trouncing each other is a b... 
GMA Callisto feedback Green Mountain Audio
Roy can answer your questions on the drivers. I hope to be doing a side-by-side comparison of Callistos and Europas later this month. I will post a detailed comparison and review when I do. 
GMA Europa vs. Soliloquy 5.3?
I have owned both of these in the past year. First the 5.3s and next the Europas. I had a pair of Maggies in between. Like you, I have a small listening room. I found that the Sol's produced ample bass and were very detailed in the mid-highs. The ... 
Magnepan MMG's just arrived
Is 100WPC insufficient for these speakers? I was thinking of picking up a pair and now am worried I'll have to go down the *path* .... 
Best CD: Cary 308, Musical Fidelity A3, Arcam CD92
Looking for wide open soundstage with lots of detail. I listen to all types of music, including jazz, classical, rock, etc. Most important for me is clarity and depth ... I'd really like to feel as though I'm in the music, particularly with vocals...