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Phono preamp advice
Thanks for the responses. I am inclilned toward tube pre,so this quick pair of recommend's make the EAR is very strong candidate. Flexibility is also desirable, as I am thinking about geting an additional tt next year. G 
Still liking my PSB Stratus Gold i's
Looks like I am the newbie in this group...bought my gold i's 12 years ago this December. Have since replaced everything else in my system, so that must make these the weak link. 
Best preamp for my system.
If you decide to sell your Gabriels please let me know; I have been keenly interested in trying them, and nervous about their price...... 
verdict on class D amps?
Based largely on a Dudley review in Stereophile, I purchased a Halcro Logic HC 20 amp, brand new in box for under $2K. Picked it up locally near Xmas, and it keeps sounding beter. Finally gettting enough juice to my PSB Stratus Gold i's. Now looki... 
Need Some Help Choosing an Integrated Amp
Right now I could spend $2,000. Later this year , assuming my $ position keeps improving, I could go over $4,000. 
Need Some Help Choosing an Integrated Amp
Me too. I've owned a pair of PSB Sratus Gold i speakers for several years & wish to keep. Seems they crave power.Tried & rejectred Creek5350SE as too polite-this was the original 85 Watt when it first came out and was more like $1,200 new....