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Green Mountain Audio Chroma HX
I apologize for not proof reading my last article I inadvertently used listing for listening in my text twice. Steve Cochran. 
Green Mountain Audio Chroma HX
I have  been listing to my GMA RIO hxs that received the GMA new burn in treatment  for the crossovers. This treatment  is even more of an improvement  in the sound than the chroma hx upgrade was. They now blow away any of the many good speakers I... 
Green Mountain Audio Chroma HX Review
I also own the EOS speakers in question; they are just as described open articulate and transparent. They are the finest speakers I have ever heard in my system. You need to hear them. I just attended the  stereo show in Oakland, Ca. this past wee... 
Green Mountain Audio Chroma HX
I just upgraded from the chroma 2 to the HX version of the GMA RIO . The results were amazing!! much better cohesion across the frequency spectrum . The detail was also improved. I have owned many highly rated speakers and none of them come close ...