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B&W Silver Signature 30 how are they?
I recently had the opportunity to purchase a pair of S30’s from the original owner of these fine speakers. This pair is in mint condition. What a find! Aside from the fact that they are not the last word in terms of lowest bass…….I love them! I ha... 
Chord amplifier making weird noise (?)
If I disconnect the inputs and it doesn’t make the noise, that should indicate that it’s not the amp, correct? Any chance it could be an RCA input?I hooked up a Parasound amp and had no issues.  
Time to change. But to what?
If he ask your opinions regarding which of the speakers he would like to choose between, why does everyone have to pipe in about something else? 
Rochester NY
Rowe quite frankly is the way to go. They've been around since 1898.....really! They carry the best products,fair prices and knowledable staff. 
McIntosh MC-252 or MC-275 amp
I have not heard the Cremonas, however, the center I'm using is a Cremona. There is no matching Amati center available. Before I bought the Amati's, I've owned a lot, and I mean a lot of speakers. The last ones being a pair of the new B&W 803D... 
HELP B&W 802D or Revel Ultima Salon2
Having had the opportunity of hearing a used pair of Revel Salons at a home nearby, my reaction was that they have a very neutral sound. No well defined highs, mids or bass. Quite honestly, I found them quite dull. I ended up getting a pair of the... 
The Hub: News, events, gossip - Sound by Singer to close
I had the opportunity of visiting Sound by Singer this Summer. My reception by the sales force was much less than favorable. They were all standing around drinking coffee, and had no interest in auditioning a few pairs of speakers for me. Little d... 
Polk SDA SRS 2.3 Speakers: Any thoughts on them?
Hi,I have a pair of these for sale at alot less than you would be paying. Check the ads!