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When someone tells you it's a $40,000 amp, does it sound better?
$40k is a dollar amount, not a sonic experience. There's so much placebo products out in the industry just because someone can afford it. I've seen a $30k power cable. I understand the difference between good, great and spectacular. I understand ... 
Close, but no cigar ...
I, too, would love to try out the amps you mentioned, adding Luxman to top of the list. But for the price of the H390, you can't touch anything on your list. I got the H390 last year for $5K, new. I can't imagine getting more for the money.   
Full disclosure, I've never auditioned the Dave. That said, any luxury consumer electronics product in the 5 figure range should have a display that does not look like a ransom note.   
Hifi Rose RS150B
I've been eye balling this piece for a while as well. It looks stunning. As with everyone else, I'm curious to know how much the cost is for the light show. I have a Hegel H390, using the internal DAC. I'm itching to upgrade to an external DAC. W... 
Streaming with the Hegel H390
I'm currently streaming Tidal via UPnP. Thanks for the input folks.