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Rolling Stone top 100 Guitarists - Howe/Van Halen
In a R.S interview Hendrix was asked... “Jimi, what does it feeeeel like to be the best guitarist in the world?” and he responded... “I don't know.. why don't you go ask Jerry Garcia.”I remember reading something like that some @ some point. 
Tubed Pre question?
"The answer is apparently all and none of the above."Yes indeed!In case anyone was wondering.. right now I have what's called a "SBT" tubed pre amp paired with a (out of production) BC 24 hybrid stereo amp. Both hand made by Blue Circle Audio. Spe... 
Amp for Vandy 3A?
Still not sure what I'm going to do, but I have a lots of time to decide. Thanks for all the responses! 
GMA Callisto vertical tilt and placement issues
I have a pair and it took me a while to get them just right. I went by the book as far as placement, but I'm not sure I have mine set to the 53 degree tow in or not. Mijknarf is right though.. What made the most diffference for me was finding the ... 
Subwoofer in my system…
Looks like I have my answer! Just heard back from Roy Johnson via e-mail. He suggested the DAYTON 12" Titanic MKIII Subwoofer Kit from Parts Express. He also included a very detailed description of how to hook it up, based on if my preamp outs are... 
Subwoofer in my system…
yeah.. I've read about the GMA Hammer. It is beyond my budget, plus it's not a powered sub and my amp would not supply enough power.Thanks for the input about the Rel Storm. 
Best Live Shows 2006 ?
Derek Trucks 
WILSON AUDIO/ cost vs. value
A campaign to launch a new product, or a campaign to sell your product because it NEEDS it! (good & bad gear) That's all advertising is good for imo.Nothing against Wilson speakers but I can tell you I'm a little skeptical based on the ads I s... 
Ref. 3a , GMA & Tyler compare ?
I've never heard the Ref. 3a or Tylers, but I own a pair of Callistos. Back when I was auditioning "bookshelf" speakers I went to as many places I could to audition. B&W, Paradym, Von schweikerts, used Revel M20s, a few others I can't remember... 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
"Scarlet Begonias"words by Robert Hunter; music by Jerry Garcia[Bridge]I ain't often rightbut I've never been wrongIt seldom turns out the wayit does in the song..Once in a whileyou get shown the lightin the strangest of placesif you look at it ri... 
Your Favorite, Most Outstanding Guitar Solo
Garcia - 1965-1995, but my favorite is from an audience recording of the Jerry Garcia Band, 6/16/82, "Catfish John." Your ears will melt right off your head.. I'll make B&P copies of this show for the first 3 people who e-mail me. 
Has anyone tried the Jolida JD-700 dvd player?
I can't find any info. on the DAC & transport etc. on the JD-700. I hope it's the same too! Contact a dealer or Jolida and ask I guess.. 
Jolida  JD-100 Mini Mod?
Quick Question
The GMA Callistos sensitivity is rated 90-91.Still OK?