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Power cord upgrade
Whoever said the power cords don't improve the sound that's a big mistake. I used to think the power cords don't really help that much of the sound but after I just bought the used $350 JPS Kaptovator AC cord (retail's $1500). When I pluged it in ... 
Please recommend Tube pre-amp(s)
SNT Line3 definately is the best pre-amp with $2700-$3000 range. You can upgrade to Aperrex tubes from UPSALE AUDIO and you will a happiest man. 
Need speaker cables match w/system?
DNA-I Rev.A is exellent! Bass is more dynamic and tighter, great image and more detailed. I'm about to have Steve upgraded my DNA-I's transformer the same kind of DNA-IIs. Steve told me that by upgrading the transformer, bass will be more definiti... 
Need speaker cables match w/system?
The XL cables are doing ok but I feel it seems kind of like a little dark it not really open forward, I don't know if it might be the XL speaker cables or my XLO Signature balance interconnects. I'm thinking of changing the XL to 5.1 XLO Signature... 
Best used Solid State Amp $1500.00
I think best amp with the reasonable price is DNA-1 deluxe. It sounds dynamic tight bass, fast and uncoloration. Good review.