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Cleveland, OH
Oldgrey: welcome aboard. I to agree that 2 channel and HT can exist in the same environment. In fact it can be done exceptionally well in several different ways if you are willing to work at it. I am just south of you in the Brecksville area and w... 
Sumiko Blackbird Tracking Force please help
Definitely think you would benefit by trying different settings for the VTF. I have found that some cartirdges sound better at the high end of the range while others sound good at the low end. Personally, I prefer settings closer to the high end o... 
best cartridge for phono aqvox
I used the Aqvox with Benz Ruby 3. Now using with Koetsu Urushi still very happy. The balanced connection port is a real plus. Good luck with your search. 
The best phono stage out there?
I found the Aqvox to be an exceptional phono stage. It is solid state and provides a variety of options that will accomondate any cartridge. I recently switched from a Benz Ruby to Koetsu Urushi with out any problems. The Aqvox when connected thro... 
Cleveland, OH
Tpsonic and Brian: thanks for stopping by today and checking out some sounds on my little system. I really enjoyed meeting Brian and having the opportunity of welcoming him to our little community of audiophiles in the south central Cleveland area... 
Cleveland, OH
Hi, I'm just south of Cleveland off of 77 and would love to meet other hi fi guys in the area. I have 2 channel digital and analog for serious listening and h t just for the fun of it. 
Opinions of Lexicon RT-20 for Audio Only
The sacd and audio dvd play back foremats are phenomenal. I own several titles myself and routinely play around with the available options. My favorite of course is the 2 channel analog output section for listening to acoustical performances. I ha... 
Opinions of Lexicon RT-20 for Audio Only
Own this unit for about 6 months and it sounds fantastic in my system. Purchased primarily to replace Cary cinema unit that used to anchor my system. It olny took about 15 munutes to realize the Cary (2400.00 at time of purchase )was not in the sa... 
Building first 2 channel system, need cable advice
I would definitely look at Omega Micro inter connects and speaker cables. I recently switched from MIT Shot Gun S-1 to Omega Micro Planer line and what an amazing difference in the performance of my system. Mapleshades which is a less expensive li... 
Euclid,Ohio,any audiophiles?
Chad is there anything going on this weekend with the audio club? Let me know. I'm in town and would like to attend. Herman 
Cleveland, OH
What is going on Saturday? 
Cleveland, OH
Im still interested in a get together in the Cleveland area sometime soon. I travel a lot and need to know in advance of the date so that I can arrange to be in town when something happens. Keep me in the loop, Herman 
Cleveland, OH
Afro18 I also have the VPI HW19 TT. I am runnning the SAMA stand alone motor as well. What a smooth operation. You are definitely headed in the right direction with that upgrade. 
Cleveland, OH
I'm in the Cleveland area and would like to join a local club.