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I'm thinking of a Bottlehead 2A3 kit.
Doesn't BottleHead have it's own website with a discussion forum? You might want to try audioasylum.com, they have a very active DIY thread. 
TO upgrade or NOT, that is the question!
Last time I checked Audioadvisor.com had one or two demo Parasound CDP 1000's for 179.95. That would deffinatly be a cheap but good upgrade! 
Best Small Office Speakers
Give the Gallo mircos a listen if you can. They wound great at low to moderate sound levels and are so small you could set them on your desk(about the size of a baseball.) Martin DeWulf of Bound for Sound even gave them a nice mention in his CES 9... 
Tube Amp Kits does anyone still offer.
Try: www.bottlehead.com fairly inexpensive and they have a grading scale depending on your skill level. 
Best DVD as transport
Just thought that I would bring this one back up to the top since the format war seems never ending. Any additional thoughts? 
Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
Kid Rock. 
Best musician in the world?
Tom Waits!