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Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II or Pharaoh Integrated
You should go demo at your Local Rogue Audio Dealer. We are in Hollywood Florida and love their products. Call Rogue they will let you know your closest dealer. If your not in Florida we couldn't help you but feel free to check out our website any... 
Nottingham Analogue setup manual
The new US distributor for Nottingham is audioencountersolutions.com 
Nottingham motor controler
The new US distributor for Nottingham is audioencountersolutions.com 
Nottingham resonance control
For everyone's information Nottingham has a new US Distributor. Check out the website audioencountersolutions.com 
Shopping for speakers at $1500-$2000 is a chore.
We have a few options from proac to dynaudio to dali. We are big into bookshelf speakers here as well as value for the money. Please give us a call to discuss.LarryHollywood Sound Www.hwdsound.com 954.921.1408 
buzz/hum what is going on here?
There are a few things that can cause this kind of hum.If you have gone through the obvious things like cables and the rca jacks on the amp are not loose and swaping the amps to see if it is the preamp causing the problem then this is what i recom... 
Used Thorens TD165: worth my dough???
This turtable is worth the money if it is in good working order and better than your DD Kenwood. There are several little tweaks you can do if you know what you are doing with turntables.For example, the tonearm bearings can be adjusted properly i... 
Pink Triangle Tarantella II Any Experience?
Pink Triangle makes excellent sounding turntablesI used to sell them years ago.Properly setup they can make beautiful music.Was there anything specific you wanted to know about the table? 
"Wall Wart" hum, unavoidable?
I just spoke to the factory about your hum problem.They did have a bad batch of wall warts that over time,where the winding inside the wart(transformer) would loosen and starts to hum. The warmer it gets.....the hum gets louder.They recommend to s... 
Suspended vs. Non Suspended TT on Concrete Floor
The concrete floor is a good thing for either suspended or anon suspended turntable.My recommendation is not have anything between your speakers.This is where bass builds up in a system.Having a rack between the speakers also effects imaging and d... 
Cartridge for Thorens 521 with SME 3012R arm
Since you have a low mass tonearm, I would recommend the Grado Statement series Sonata. Fanastic sounding cartridge!It has a lower than usual mv output of .5mv , but will work well with your jeff Roland Preamp..........and of course we do sell thi...