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Magico S1 - Dynamics and Amplifier Suggestions
I own a pair of Magico S1s paired with a Modwright KWA 150 amp and Modwright pre-amp. I agree with Cdrc as well. There is quite a bit of burn in to say the least and you may wish to ask a local dealer (if you have one nearby) to audition a Pass La... 
Magico S1 owners - speaker cable suggestions
Thanks everyone for your responses. I ended up with the Synergistic Research Element Tungstens in my system. Ridiculously low noise floor compared to my previous cables - Acoustic Zen Holograms - no slouch by the way. Still breaking in the speaker... 
DALI Helicon 400 - speaker cable options
I have an integrated amp - Qinpu A-8000 MK II.