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Does dcs Vivaldi stack needs a pre amp
@georgehifi - thank you. I have seen your other contributions to the discussion folkfreek mentioned earlier. Listening and judging by yourself is actually the best way to determine if the “colorations” ones audio setup “generates” suits your ears.... 
Does dcs Vivaldi stack needs a pre amp
Hi folkfreak, thank you for your valuable post. I am honestly very much impressed by you set-up. Wouw! Good to see you have tubes in the setup. When carefully chosen l, it can be a good balance/match. I currently have Kharma Enigma Signature XLR i... 
dCS Rossini vs. Berkeley Reference dac 2
Interesting conversation here. I am struggling deciding what to do, going for a dCS Rossini SACD player, DAC and clock and keep my Soulution 520 pre or go the extra mile for a Vivaldi CD/SACD Upsampling Transport, DAC and clock and sell my 520 pre... 
Dcs Vivaldi dac vs. Puccini
Hi, the above has been a long time back :0 Still, was wondering if icorem or anybody else has gone the extra miles from Puccini to Vivaldi. I am considering to break the bank .... 
New Source; what is the best match
Just to add, I have simply put the dDC Puccini and the clock on the same "group" on the Niagara 5000 and the result is audible in terms of jitter. Thanks for the tip guys!! 
New Source; what is the best match
Thank you both for your time to give me some directions. Much appreciated and useful. I am going to takes these certainty into account, but had hoped it was easier :)