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Nuclues plus bricked
Roon and SGC, Andrew Gillis +++.  Great support.    
Inexpensive Tube Amps
Will62: I was on a similar search a few years ago for a tube amp  and checked out some of the same units You are considering.  I had some helpful communications with Garry Huang who owns Musical Paradise.  I believe he’s in Edmonton Canada.  I eve... 
speakers with balls
Why not have both? For classic hard rock speakers try some vintage Cervin Vegas; but for a little more finesse try the a vintage C-V tower like the C-V Tr12.  And you'll still have money left over for a set of Magnepan, Gallos, or others suggested... 
Clint Eastwood
His most famous amp is a custom DH Callahan S&W 29.