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Ayre C-5XE universal v. CX-7e on redbook CDs?
Thanks again Ed and Analogtroll for your opinions and comparisons with the Ayre players. Yea, cant go wrong with either one for sure. Guess we will see if I can come up with the scratch to splurge on the C-5xe since it is a bit better player all a... 
Transport Noise from Krell SACD Standard
Thanks for the responses thus far. I am sure I can take the player back to the dealer no problems. However, I would love to keep this player if Krell could figure out why. The weird thing is: It doesn't make this noise on all redbook CDs. Just per... 
Wadia modification
Is Steve doing 24/96 upgrades to wadia 850 players? Does he have the boards? Also, what other type of performance upgrades is he offering? 
Most achingly-beautiful music
If you haven't heard the Bobo Stenson Trio on ECM yet this is the epidomy of gorgeous music! His most recent one "Serenity" is truely fabulous. Pick it up soon!