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worth the jump to Cornwall IV's from Forte IV's?
I think the radiators on your speakers give you good low end response relative to the CW IVs. I haven’t heard the Fortes but I owned the CW IVs And they’re not bass machines. They will play loud and clear and with dynamics. They will not shake the... 
Class D Integrated Amplifier Recommendations.
OP I saw you’re unimpressed with NAD but I’ve had the NAD M33 for a couple months now and feel it is very good. Especially given the price point.  That’s in comparison to my Bartók driving Mark Levinson 536 monos which I also have.   
Do power supply units/cables make a difference in sound quality?
“I am quite happy with the sound from all sources” ^Your answer^ I wouldn’t buy the cables.   
Fuse Direction for Pass Labs Amp and Preamp
It’s funny that us audiophiles sometimes believe we understand electronics better than electrical engineers do. If DCS, Pass, and other good brands ship their products with standard cables and fuses - shouldn’t we be able to reject the urge to upg... 
Audiophile Grade Wall Receptacle
But the whole electrical system behind your wall and to the street and to the power company is made of non-audiophile grade equipment. Putting a special outlet at the wall just before your components doesn’t improve anything. It’ll just pass throu... 
The problem with streaming
Qobuz and Tidal catalogs often include many album versions. When I stream with Roon as my interface it’s easy to tap the “version” icon and select from the available choices. You have to look elsewhere to see which versions were the best. The data...