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Atoll IN200SE Integrated Amplifier
Don there should be a period after where to get 1 and no period after On eBay. Thanks again hope to hear from you. jcb1957. 
Atoll IN200SE Integrated Amplifier
Hi Don, your write-up only confirms what I have heard about this amp.I don't have much money but have already decided I won't settle for any other integrated. The problem lies in where to get 1 On eBay. Someone from Germany was selling them for $1... 
Hegel dealers US
I called a bunch of those people. They don't have the product  but will special order. That gives you no trial time. Thank you though. 
hegel h80 or rotel 1570
Thank you for your input  and knowledge . Greatly  appreciated.   
speaker shopping
You might want to listen to some Aurum Cantus they make some great stuff and you get a 60 day home trial . 
Shopping for an integrated, advice s'il vous plait.
I have a couple Harmon Kardon amp. If you like that sound you probably wont like Yamaha. As I have 1 its much brighter sound. Don't think a good match for monitor IMHO. I myself am looking into the new anthem 225 wont be out till x-mas. Wonderful ... 
Does the heat an amp puts out have any effect on the sound quality ?
Thank you all for your input !       Keep listening J. 
Does the heat an amp puts out have any effect on the sound quality ?
Thanks Y