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Help with Remote Control on Rowland Coherence II
Info from the Rowland website. Coherence, Synergy, Concentra, and Concerto IR Remote Control lock-up The remote controls for the above listed products have an internal capacitor that can cause the microprocessor to lock when the battery has been n... 
Rowland 201's vs. Model 10
I owned a 10 for 3 years before going to the 201 two months ago. No regrets getting the 201's. IMO they are better than the 10, specifically in resolution. The 201's, having more power, can control my speakers (Avalon Opus Ceramiques) better resul... 
Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor - 50 watt tube amp ok?
My local Sonus dealer was recently running Cremona's using a 50w Nagra amp with excellent results. They also heard from Sonus that they use a 50w tube amp when developing and testing their speakers so you should be fine with 50W as well. 
PS Audio owners difference between Multiwave1and2
I just upgraded my P600 from MW1 to MW2 and Power Ports about 2 weeks ago. MW2 with power ports creates a much more refined sound, less grain, lower noise, more air, more natural presentation. I hesitated to upgrade to MW2 after having already upg... 
Jeff Rowland Amplifier Help
I have a Model 10 that has done the same. When this happened to my amp I had just powered it off so I could change cables. The amp seemed warmer/hotter than usual before I powered off. When I turned it back on the light on the amp came on but no s... 
Oppinions on the Thiel 2.3's